A new vibe for Perth

An autumn view of Perth. Photo: Nell Van.

A Shorten Labor Government would invest $100,000 in Activate Perth to enliven the CBD and support businesses across Perth.

Labor’s WA campaign spokesperson, Madeleine King said the funding would help activate small businesses of all sorts to regenerate the city as well as boost tourism.

Activate Perth is a non-for-profit-organisation increasing community connection by supporting partnerships between businesses and the government.

Their ‘fill this space’ program connects people who have innovative, fresh business plans with property owners in a 30-day, rent-free, rolling lease model.

Activate Perth Chair Di Bain said Perth has the highest commercial vacancy rate of any city in Australia and they aim to bring startup businesses into the city while filling vacant buildings.

“The donation is transformational for us, it’s a pot of money that we can use to drive our agenda to create vibrancy in Perth,” she said.

Member for Perth and Co-founder of Activate John Carey said increasing small businesses in the city would attract more foot traffic which in turn was good for other small business.

“The two benefits are that it helps small businesses find shops and secondly it fills vacant buildings which attracts people into the city and more businesses,” he said.

Happy Healthy Hoops logo. Photo: Nell Van

Founder of Happy Healthy Hoops, Bree Kirk-Burnnand, said Activate Perth helped foster her business into a vacant space and mentored her throughout the process of starting a new business.

“Perth already has a lot to offer, I just think it needs activation in order to get people back into the city to create new life for the CBD,” she said. 

An informal survey found that Perth citizens would like to see more plant walls and street art to improve the city’s overall vibrancy as well as an increase in entertainment and more environmentally friendly eateries.  

For more information, visit Activate Perth.

Member of Perth John Carey with Patrick Gorman MP. Video: Nell Van

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