Call for mandatory pet scans

A dog owner is pushing for legislation to be passed forcing vets across Australia to scan the microchip of every animal that comes in for a check up.

Glen Murray says the state government needs to tighten microchipping laws in order to make it more difficult for thieves to steal puppies and resell them.

Process of a dog being microchipped Video: Jess Dunn

Mr Murray posted a $20,000 reward for the return of his dog Teddy, when he was kidnapped earlier this month.

“I think some vets are really slack in scanning dogs microchips during check-ups,” he said.

“With the stealing of puppies becoming such a common theme I think it’s so important for vets to check every single dog that comes into the clinic.”

Vet nurse Sophie Burgoyne says if people are stealing dogs in the first place they are not likely to bring them in to get de-sexed or checked up in case they get caught.

“Thieves are more likely to breed the stolen dogs and sell them, I really don’t think stricter laws would make a difference,” she said.

Veterinary Surgeon Danielle Richardson says their first priority is the health and safety of dogs and stricter microchipping laws would prevent stolen puppies from getting the treatment they need.

“Someone is not going to bring in a stolen puppy to get vaccinated or de-sexed if they are scared of getting caught,” she said.

“So realistically I think it’s more important caring for the dogs health and making sure it doesn’t die from diseases such as the parvovirus.”

She said it was easy for someone to change a pet’s microchipping information, so stricter legislation wouldn’t make a difference.

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