Election 2019

It’s on: what young voters want

Climate change, equality and the treatment of refugees are some of the top issues of interest nominated by first time voters in the upcoming election.

An informal survey by Western Independent of Curtin University students suggests most care deeply about climate change and a perceived a lack of action on the issue.

Student Freya Findlay says it’s the main issue she is focusing on.

“I am really frustrated by the lack of action especially the Australian government is taking,” she said.

She says she wants to see more change and more focus with that. 

“I am thinking I am probably going to be voting for the Greens, I really want to show I am putting my interest in the environment and their attitudes towards it.”

Fellow student Jacqueline Blackburn agrees there is a lack of action toward climate change and says we need to radically change out use of fossil fuels.

“Pretty much nothing is being done by either major party to address that issue,” she said.

Ms Blackburn says the class gap is the biggest it has ever been. 

“Increasing equality obviously across the world but also in Australia.”

Curtin University students express their opinions.