National Nightmare Commute Day strikes out in WA

Australians were encouraged to take to Twitter to share their travel frustrations for National Nightmare Commute Day today, but West Australians did not appear to share their Eastern States counterparts’ pain.

National Nightmare Commute Day was organised by the National Growth Area Alliance, which advocates for governments to focus on the needs of Australia’s fast-growing outer suburbs.

The day was organised as a part of their Catch Up campaign to give a voice to almost five million Australians who are living in outer suburbs and are fed up with their daily commute to work.

NGAA executive officer Bronwen Clark said the idea for National Nightmare Commute Day came from the commuters themselves.

“We had read so many tweets, posts and articles about people’s nightmare commutes that we decided to hold a day where we can all vent, laugh or just share our experiences,” she said.

“Hopefully National Nightmare Commute Day gets the attention of politicians to remind them that unfortunately nightmare commutes are part of many people’s everyday life and that they can change that with the decisions they make in Canberra.”

While many people from the Eastern States hvented on social media, there was a distinct lack of West Australians joining the movement.

John Furlonger said his commute from Armadale to West Perth was relatively easy.

Mr Furlonger has caught the train to work for ten years and has recently started riding his motorbike.

“In the mornings, it takes an hour from my house to work, but on the way home it could take an hour and a half to an hour and three quarters,” he said.

“It would take me approximately 45 minutes to drive in.”

According to a 2018 survey, the overall satisfaction rate of Transperth bus passengers is at 89 per cent with the overall satisfaction rate of Transperth train passengers at 94 per cent.

Mother of three Tanya Fitzgerald said her commute from Lesmurdie to the Perth CBD was better than other places she had lived.

“If I leave before seven, it can take 35 minutes but if I leave after seven it could be like 45 minutes, if not 50.”

“I think that’s good…to have something like 30 or 40 minutes I think is perfectly reasonable.”

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