Shave the world

Stars were among some of the many shapes sprayed. Photo: Nell Van

Students, staff and the general public gathered to raise over $10 000 for the World’s Greatest Shave at Curtin University today.

The campus turned orange and blue for the event, an annual campaign founded by Leukaemia Foundation to help ‘shave the world from blood cancer.’

Participants received bargain haircuts, shaving, temporary colour or braiding done by professional hairdressers for a donation.

Student community engagement officer and event organiser Kim Duong said it was a great occasion to get people together at the start of semester to support and raise funds for a great cause.

Event organiser Kim Duong and interns Christina Lou and Bec Weldon. Photo: Nell Van

“A lot of staff and students have been affected by cancer so it’s great to be able to provide emotional and financial support.”

The hair obtained will be donated to sustainable salons partnered with Leukaemia Foundation to make wigs, or towards creating a hair boom to clean oil spills in the ocean.

All remaining hair will go towards local artist and Curtin staff member Katrina Virgona who uses donated hair in her sculptural pieces.

Virgona said using hair in her art became a focus of interest after her father was diagnosed with cancer four times.

“I started incorporating hair as a discarded material because we are shedding it all the time whether it’s involuntary or voluntary.”

Curtin student and four-time volunteer Jed Herne said he loved the inspiring atmosphere the event brought and that it gave those involved a relief from study while contributing to charity.

Community supporters coordinator at Leukaemia Foundation Lauren Stacy said it was one of the best public events she had attended.

“Everyone is genuinely interested and the education that comes from these events is almost better than the donations.”

A total of 34 participants shaved their head completely and a total of $12 700 has been raised.

For more information on where to donate visit:

Volunteers and participants from the event

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