Perth’s leap in liveability

According to Perth has improved from last place in the 2017 liveability rankings, to second highest in 2019.

The report explores what Australians consider to be the most important factors when choosing where to live, and how they feel about where they are.

The study was conducted between 1stand 31stof October in 2018 and is the largest annual ongoing survey conducted on community values and liveability.

Canberra came in at number 1, while Darwin has the dubious honour of lowest ranking. has said there are five contributing factors that make somewhere a good place to live.

The highest factor is feeling safe and the next is affordable decent housing.

The lowest factor is access to the natural environment with only 34% considering this important. has said Perth was ranked the highest in the country for quality health care services in Australia. 

Real Estate Institute of Western Australia CEO Neville Pozzi says there is a number of things that make a place liveable.

“If the unemployment rate is low and people are able to contribute to society by working and investing into the economy and community then there will be many benefits for that city.” 

Perth residents have said they feel the state of the economy is the key factor to the states high ranking.

Neville Pozzi says Perth has changed a lot over time especially since the mining boom and the state relies heavily on its resources in terms of economic growth. 

“Since then Perth’s property prices have softened, making now the perfect time for first home buyers.”

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