Historic East Victoria Park building under threat

The heritage listed house located in East Victoria Park. Photo: Justin Sudmeyer.

A heritage listed house, built in the 1930s, has been threatened with demolition after an application to develop was submitted by private owners to the town of East Victoria Park.

The historic building is faced with demolition to make way for a mixed use building for commercial use and residential apartments.

Plans for new development

Cafe935 owner Daniel Shore, whose business is opposite the building, said he was concerned about the proposal.

“The development will be a complete waste of land,” he said.

“It saddens me and other local residents about the aesthetic deterioration of the building.

“The building is a very unique historical mansion for this area.”

The application application is undergoing a public consultation period, in which residents can voice their opinions about the plans.

These opinions will be included in a report that will be used by the council to aid its decision.

The public has until March 19 to submit comments about the proposal.

Notice on the land. Photo: Justin Sudmeyer.

Built in 1937, the two-storey house was built in Tudor Revival style and was used as a private home and doctor’s surgery.

During a heritage assessment completed in 1998 by KTA Partnership Architects, the building was found to be of aesthetic, historical and social value to the area and was listed as a category C in the Municipal Heritage Inventory.

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