No need for ACL surgery

The pain of a knee injury.

“Having 12 months wiped away is hard. It’s incredible difficult to mentally get your head around.” Anthony Morabito

The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is a high profile injury suffered by athletes across the world.

According to The Medical Journal of Australia, in 2001 there were 9,662 registered ACL surgeries in Australia. By 2015 that figure had increased to 16,990 annually.

The average recovery time from surgery is 6-18 months, but experts say and the effects can last a lifetime, and there might be a better way.

In this series, we shall meet those experts, and a high profile AFL athlete whose career was cut short by ACL injuries.

Each chapter will discuss the research, the alternatives, and the human impact.


Understanding this injury.






The most common way to treat an ACL injury is to have surgery, but is this best practice? or is there just no other way?




Anthony Morabito was the #4 draft pick in the 2009 AFL Draft. He was destined to be a star.




Is there an alternative to surgery?

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