Close call with Transperth

Australian Road Deaths Database reveal there has been a total of eight fatal incidents involving buses in WA since 2015, with one already occurring in March this year.

On a typical weekday, Transperth says it operates more than 11,200 timetabled bus services, with a total fleet of over 1,100 buses.

Curtin University student Jasmine Blennerhassett says she was lucky to escape after a near miss with a Transperth bus on the Kwinana freeway.

Jasmine was on her way to Curtin’s Bentley campus when the incident occurred.

Jasmine says she was in the middle of the far right-hand lane when an out of service Transperth bus, merged into her lane and clipped the side of her car.

She had to hit the brakes and swerve into the left lane to avoid serious injury.

Jasmine says she followed the incident up with Transperth but never heard back from the company.

Although she escaped without injury, she says the incident left her traumatised.

From 2016 to 2017, The Public Transport Authority recorded 334 traffic infringements were made by bus drivers.

Source: Public Transport Authority: Bus Driver Traffic Infringement statistics.

A PTA spokeswoman says bus contractors put significant effort into ensuring drivers possess high levels of customer service, safe driving and passenger care. 
Due to the importance of their jobs, she says bus drivers are required to drive safely in various conditions and have to undergo regular refresher courses.

She says more than 80 million boardings occurred on the Transperth bus network last financial year and the majority of these occurred without an incident. 

“Because we aim to deliver a safe and reliable service to all our passengers, Transperth demands the highest standard of service and professionalism from the bus drivers employed by our contractors,” she says.

“Drivers undergo a police clearance before being employed and each bus company ensures their drivers undergo an extensive period of training before they go out on the road.

“In the rare instance an accident occurs involving a Transperth bus, drivers are required to contact police and their depot to report the incident, check on passengers and render first aid if required.”

In the instance of a passenger being unsatisfied with the way a Transperth bus driver is operating the vehicle, they should report it to the Transperth Comment Line on 13 62 13.