Still “in love” with Perth after stabbing attack

The Italian woman who was stabbed at Claisebrook Train Station says she is still “in love” with Perth and plans to remain here.

Stella Trevisani, 27, received more than 300 stitches after a 15-year-old boy allegedly repeatedly stabbed her in an attempt to steal her mobile phone near Claisebrook Train Station on March 17.

Despite the ordeal, Ms Trevisani is determined to stay in Perth with her local boyfriend.

“My plan is to stay here, not to be a tourist,” she said. “I have applied for a partner-visa.”

Ms Trevisani spent four weeks in hospital after the attack.

She is recovering well and jokes that she can now speak Italian again because she can use her hands,  but will not be able to work for several months.

More than 200 people, many of them Perth locals, have donated $19,000 through a GoFundMe-campaign set up by her friend to help with medical expenses.

The financial support means “the world” to Ms Trevisani.

“Now that I can’t walk, I can’t work at the restaurant as a waitress and that means no wages,” she said.

Full recovery is likely to take up to 12 months.

Ms Trevisani’s mother, Felicetta Bonfiglioli, 55,  flew from Bologna, Italy, to take care of her daughter soon after the incident.

When Mrs Bonfiglioli got the telephone call about the assault on her daughter, she was terrified.

“It is a mother’s worst nightmare,” she said.

“The only thing I wanted was to be next to my daughter, but she was 14,000kms away.

“I was not able to do anything.”

Ms Trevisani and her mother at Fiona Stanley Hospital. Photo: Maria Bruun-Schmidt

The heavy media coverage of the incident adversely affected her family and friends both in Italy and Australia.

“It has been impossible to escape the news even though we wanted to,” Ms Bonfiglioli said.

“Stella’s grandmother, her aunties and the rest of the family even knew about the attack before we had a chance to tell them.

“In a couple of days everybody knew and were asking us all sorts of questions.

“It has been very stressful.”


Ms Trevisani needed 8 ounces of blood and 300 stitches, 195 of them were internal and used to repair muscle walls. Photo: Maria Bruun-Schmidt.

Ms Trevisani said she could not feel pity for her attacker, who has yet to make a plea.

“This young guy is no good for the society and for now I can’t forgive him,” she said.

“Absolutely not.”

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