MTV campaign to attract European backpackers

A new MTV and State Government video marketing campaign to encourage young European backpackers to stay longer in Western Australia has been launched.

The campaign between the government and STA Travel follows on from the recent UK Working Holiday Maker campaign and will run from April to August.

The new campaign is part of Tourism WA’s two-year action plan to increase the number of visitors to WA.

Tourism WA entered an agreement with MTV, who created videos, images and blogs to promote working holiday visas and travel and work opportunities in WA for eligible 18 to 35 year olds.


One of the videos from the MTV and STA Travel collaboration.


WA Tourism Minister Paul Papalia said it made sense to target young people in Germany and the UK because they were WA’s two biggest markets in Europe.

“We get about 146,000 people from the UK every year and around 33,000 from Germany,” he said.

“They’ll work in the hospitality sector … they save up a lot of their money, work hard for a long period of time, and then they go and splurge on a local holiday.

“It’s a double benefit, they contribute through working and they also contribute through spending and holidaying in our state.”

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry executive chair of tourism John Hart said the campaign targeted the best demographic for spending and length of visitation.

“If you were to pick a market that is worth promoting to it’s the youth market, with youth travellers on average spending $7693 and staying 62 nights per trip in Australia,” he said.

“The two highest yielding markets are working holiday makers and business events.”

Data released in late March showed from December 2016 to 2017, WA was the only state to experience a decrease in international visitor numbers by 0.8 per cent and visitor expenditure by 5.5 per cent.

Mr Papalia said it was a long-term trend and international and interstate numbers decreased throughout most of the Barnett government’s time in office.

“We’re suffering as a consequence of neglect of the tourism sector. We’re rectifying that,” he said.

Mr Papalia said the state was benefiting from the campaign and the awareness raised by the direct London-Perth flights.

“One of the bigger benefits in many ways is the raising awareness of Perth as the western gateway to Australia,” he said.

“We’re saying there are two ways you can come to Australia.”

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