Splendour in the Grass line-up a sign for change

Splendour in the Grass music festival’s 2018 line-up has been announced with females making up nearly half the performing line-up.

The music festival takes place in Byron Bay in July.

Of the 93 artists featured on the festival’s line-up, 43 of them are female which equals 46-per-cent of the talent booked for this year.

Compared to Australia’s other, typically male dominated line-ups, it is the highest percentage of female artists to feature at a festival in years.

This line-up is the most gender balanced Australia has seen in years for major music festivals.

This comes after last year when attendees of Falls Festival 2017 were shocked to hear Melbourne band Camp Cope accuse the organisers of crafting a line-up dominated by males, claiming they were guilty of booking only a handful of women.

Across other 2017 Australian music festivals including Listen Out, Groovin the Moo and Laneway, females made up a total average of 33-per-cent of the line-ups, showing the significance of this year’s increase at Splendour.

The lack of female representation on festival line-ups has has led to festivals facing severe backlash from the public, being referred to as “hateful” and “sexist”.

Perth local DJ and music producer WYN believes more attention needs to be paid to ensuring women have equal opportunities.

“I definitely think that if there are females available they should have equal opportunities to be selected,” WYN says.

Statistics show the composition of festival line-ups has improved since 2015, but they remain dominated by males.

This graph shows the representation of female acts at major Australian music festivals in recent years. Source Triple J HACK.
















WYN also believes male dominated line-ups may sometimes reflect a lack of female artist availability, rather than a sexist decision on the promoter’s side.

“At the end of the day you want to put on a good show. If you’re booking ten acts and there are seven males and three appropriate females, stick to that, don’t just aim to even out the ratio,” she says.

“No-one should be put on a line-up just to fill a quota. Crafting a gender-equal line-up when you have the whole world of artists to choose from shouldn’t be a difficult task.”

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