RSPCA urges pet safety over Easter break

The RSPCA has urged families to take extra precautions with their pets over the Easter break, especially when it comes to chocolate.

RSPCA WA spokeswoman Marie Daniels said some traditions were dangerous for pets.

Owners should ensure Easter treats containing ingredients that were harmful to pets, such as chocolate and hot cross buns, were away from pets to prevent illness.

Ms Daniels said families, particularly those with children planning Easter egg hunts, needed to be vigilant. 

Safe treats with non-toxic ingredients were available to families who wished to get their pets involved in the celebrations. 

“There are a huge variety of pet-friendly treats available, including pet-friendly chocolate made from carob,” Ms Daniels said.   

The RSCPA has also urged owners going away for the Easter break to ensure arrangements are made for their pets.

“Leaving an animal alone for a prolonged period of time can not only cause enormous stress to the animal, but seriously can pose a number of safety risks,” Ms Daniels said.

Owners are advised to check their vet’s opening hours over the Easter break and to locate their closest after-hours vet in case their pet becomes unwell.

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