Where there’s no will

This week is WA Will week, which begs the question, how many of us have written a will?

An Australian study has shown 65% of people under 30 with a one or more children do not have a will.


Credit: Public Trustee- Department of Justice


With only 50% of 20-50 year-old’s having prepared a will, the Public Trustee is trying to encourage young people to prepare for the worst by running will-making sessions every day this week.

The talks include important considerations about will-making, who can contest your will and how they can do that, and what is involved in the process.

The Public Trustee is actively encouraging every West Australian over the age of 18 to have a current and valid will, but how many millennials actually do? We hit the streets to find out.


If you are looking for more information, the Public Trustee website has more information including; information brochures and will bank deposit forms.


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