Subi backs road construction

The proposed Inner City College in Subiaco

The City of Subiaco has declared its support for a two-way road conversion project along Hay Street and Roberts Road, despite concerns from Mainroads WA over increased traffic in the area.

The $6 million project will improve access to Princess Margaret Hospital, Subiaco Oval, Kitchener Park and the new Inner City College – to be opened in 2020.

The city estimates commuters could spend up to 12 minutes driving the 2.5km stretch during the 16-month construction phase.

But Subiaco Councillor Julie Matheson said the roads need to be changed as quickly as possible to account for increasing travel demands.

“This change to the two-way is imperative to help the traffic that will come to the new school, with 1000 children being dropped off to the school by 2020 and a further 1000 by 2023,” she said.

Subiaco Councillor Mummery said the project would do little to help access to Subiaco in the long-term.

“Students that are going to this new school pretty much all come from the north with a small catchment from the south so in real

ity that will only mean a little more traffic over the railway,” he said.

“I was worried we were charging ahead on the issue when it will only relatively affect the school.”

Councillor Matheson said the City of Subiaco would not fund the project, and that the Subiaco Mayor was negotiating costs with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA).

The MRA has determined the project a priority.

Hear more from City of Subiaco Councillor Julie Matheson here:

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