McGowan wants clearer terrorism kill laws for police

WA Premier Mark McGowan has introduced new lethal force legislation to State Parliament today.

Photo by: Peter Mazanec

The new laws are in response to the coroner’s report which came out of the 2014 Lindt Cafe siege in Sydney.

The Terrorism (Extraordinary Powers) Amendment Bill 2018 will enable police to react quickly, with improved legal backing, if lethal force is required when responding to a terrorism event.

The coroner’s report conducted after the Lindt Cafe siege indicated police were unsure about when they should use lethal force.

Speaking on the steps of parliament house this morning, Mr McGowan said introducing legislative changes was necessary to ensure certainty for WA Police.

“We’re introducing those laws so our police will have absolute clarity [as to] when they can, and are authorised to use lethal force,” he said.

He said the legislation was a precaution for severe cases to make sure that police have the opportunity to use lethal force to protect the public and to protect themselves.