No free show

Organisers of the upcoming Listen Out music festival say increased measures will be in place to prevent fence-jumpers, after more than 200 people gatecrashed last year’s event.

Boomtick Events, the local partner of the popular music festival, say more fencing and stronger fence lines are some of the obstacles in store this year for those hoping for a free show on September 24 at HBF Arena.

Boomtick Events spokeswoman Marika Mazzuchelli said there would be a “significantly increased police presence” at the festival.

“Anyone identified breaching the event perimeter will incur a ban on all licensed premises in Western Australia using the Scantek system,” she said.

According to WA Police, during last year’s event in Joondalup, four people were charged with offences such as assaulting a public officer, disorderly behavior and obstructing police.

Police also issued 15 move-on notices.

The crackdown on fence-jumpers comes as a relief for festival goers such as Jack Swainson, 20, who was standing with friends when someone threw a large rock in their direction from outside the festival grounds last year.

Jack Swainson holds a rock similar in size to one thrown at him during a music festival last year. Photo: Azar Abdul Majid.

“[The rock] was bigger than my fist. It was the size of a coconut,” Mr Swainson said.

“I saw the guy with the rock in his hand. I saw him throw the rock into the air.

“He threw it into the crowd of people, he knew where it was going.

“We heard a loud thud as it landed a metre away from our group. It could have hit any of us.”

Mr Swainson, from Fremantle, then watched the fence jumpers run in waves, knocking down fence by fence.

“After they got all the fences out of the way, there was just the security guards and the main fence left,” he said. “The security guards were definitely swamped.”

WA Police said it was the responsibility of the event organisers to ensure there was sufficient security in place to manage any issues.

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