Cleanup and brekky for hangover victims


Hung-over people across Perth are now able to wake up after a big night of partying with a clean house and a big breakfast without leaving the comfort of their bed.

Perth based company, Hangover Helpers, offers a cleaning service for people who do not want to tidy up after last night’s party.

Beginning 18 months ago, founder James Hookway saw an opportunity to provide a service he said that many party goers desperately needed.

“I was going to a lot of house parties for weddings and bucks’ parties and found it hard to find weekend cleaners,” Mr Hookway said.

Hangover helper Chris Knuckey cleans after a house party on the weekend. Photo: Daniel Morris

“We saw the gap in the market and tried to start something different.”

Starting with a price of $200, Hangover Helpers will clean up to two rooms, one outdoor area and one bathroom and toilet.

Not only does the service provide a detailed clean, it will deliver a breakfast for two, ranging from greasy burgers to healthy salads.

Mr Knuckey washes up glasses the day after the party. Photo: Shannon Wells

After setting up his business in Perth, Mr Hookway has expanded to Melbourne and is looking to set up in Sydney.

“The business has had interest from [people] all over Australia who want to set up a Hangover Helpers, so hopefully it will continue to grow,” Mr Hookway said.

“We are now based in Melbourne, but our Perth company is still highly successful.”

While Mr Hookway’s story is one of success, Professor of Finance at the University of Western Australia Business School, Raymond da Silva Rosa, warns that breaking into the business is very difficult.

“The majority of new businesses fail,” Professor da Silva Rosa said.

“They are able to research market trends to discover what people are looking for in a service, but even then it is hard to know whether you will succeed.

“To start a new business, you just need to be optimistic and you need to take risks.

“If you focus on the negatives you will find it hard to be successful.”

If you’re planning a party and thing you’ll be hung over, you can call Mr Hookway on 0403 745 200 for some help.

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