Rehabilitation in colour

A Fremantle alcohol and drug service is teaming up with a well-known street artist to produce a special piece for people battling addiction.

Horatio Birdbath (pictured), who has worked in Fremantle for many years, will draw up one of his geometric artworks for the South Metro Community Alcohol and Drug Service located on Queen Street in central Fremantle.

Horatio portrait

Fremantle street artist Horatio Birdbath

It will feature the intricate lines and style of many of his other pieces, such as the one pictured at Gino’s Cafe, but withe one significant difference – no colour.

The artwork will be in black and white, allowing for people who attend the South Metro Community Alcohol and Drug Service to colour it during counselling sessions over the next few months.

Adam Laurendi, a youth counsellor for the South Metro Community Alcohol and Drug Service says the project with Horatio will help younger clients who use alcohol and other drugs to feel included.

“A community art project assists in those wanting to feel involved and brings a sense of togetherness,” Mr Laurendi said.

“Creative expression is particularly helpful to youths in encouraging positive emotional and psychological health.”

Horatio is interested to see how the artwork will turn out, and evolve over the time in which it is coloured in.

“It is a concept I’ve had for a long time and this is a perfect opportunity to trial it,” he said.

“I really like the idea of getting others involved in the project and seeing how they use colour and what areas they detail it in their own particular way.

“It could build an interesting tapestry.”

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Horatio said the project would allow participants to add a personal touch to the art.

“As well as being therapeutic, it builds a story over time,” he said.

“[In the past,] no other clients saw any value in the idea, which I find ironic.”

Mr Laurendi said he hoped the collaboration with Horatio would: “provide purpose, ownership and pride to the young persons contributing to this project”.

Photography Jake Santa Maria

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