Illegal gym-migrants

‘Tailgating’, whereby freeloading gym junkies sneak in to fitness clubs behind people who pay, is a real problem according to Perth gymnasium managers.

Snap Fitness club manager Matt Evans, who previously worked at Goodlife Health Clubs says he has personally seen tailgating occur.

“There were tailgating cases back in the day, they tried to sneak in and work out for free,” said Mr Evans, pictured, left.

“If people sneaked into the gym or members [are to] bring their friends in, they will receive a warning.

“After that, they will be fined … $150 per individual, or we will block their membership card in just a few seconds on the computer.”

Mr Evans said that cameras had been installed to protect other members’ rights.

“There will be a list on the computer and recorded who went to the gym last night,” he said.

“They can’t get away with it.

“We will call and warn the member who brought their friends into the gym last night, and they usually won’t do it again.”

University of Western Australia Law School Senior Lecturer Andy Schmulow said tailgating is a breach of the law.

“It would be a breach of contract,” Dr Schmulow said.

“The contract allows the member access, no on else if the membership is not transferable, as would be the case with most memberships.”

Manager of Anytime Fitness in the Perth CBD, Ben Hicks, said his gym had implemented strong security measures.

“Members need to use their keys to enter the gym,” Mr Hicks said.

“The door will sense the key.

“If the [door doesn’t sense the key], the cameras and the security door are there [and] the security alarm will ring.

“But for the first time they sneak in or a member bring[s] their friends in with only one membership card, we usually charge [the member] $75 [for the extra] person.

“If it’s more than one time, we have the right to cancel their membership or ban their membership for one or two weeks.”

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