Perth festival goes green

A popular Perth music festival to be held this weekend will be the first in WA to be carbon neutral.

Hosted by event company Metric Events, Wonderland will take place at Kitchener Park Woodlands in Subiaco on Saturday.

With help from not-for-profit organisation Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund, Wonderland will follow in the footsteps of international festivals Coachella and Glastonbury in a bid to reduce its environmental impact.

Metric Events founder Luke Whelan said it image1was an important gesture.

“I think it’s imperative, in 2016, that all people, businesses and governments are starting to take climate change seriously and change their behaviours to help undo some of the damage we’ve caused,” he said.

Wonderland and the charitable fund will measure the amount of power consumed to get the performers and artists to the festival, to supply the catering and to play the music itself.

Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund operations manager Catherine Patterson said the power used by the musicians during a concert wasn’t very much.

“It’s more the attendees that impact the environment, how they travel, the food they consume and its packaging and the activities they do while they’re there,” she said.

“You can’t really leave a carbon footprint until after the event. What we provide Wonderland with once they’ve got these measurements, is carbon offsets.”

After the event, Wonderland staff will plant trees to offset the emissions. Wonderland has specifically chosen a central location to reduce the amount of travel required for people to attend the festival and will also encourage patrons to use public transport.

The festival has also avoided using printed materials for promotion. All marketing and advertising has been digital and no printed programs will be available on the day.

Mr Whelan said festival goers could also get involved.

“Things like encouraging all sub-contractors to use recyclable materials and punters with recycling incentives and bins dotted around the event,” he said.