Ram-raid on Gosnells Archers club

A shed at the Gosnells Archers club in Huntingdale has been gutted by fire after a ram-raid early this morning.img_2207

Firefighters attended the scene after club secretary Elaine Napier received a call from a security company telling her the alarms were going off. But the shed was already engulfed in flames.

A car was discovered inside the shed after the fire was put out.

“There was evidence that they had tried to break in prior to that, but we are still unaware how the fire started, whether it was an accident from the ram-raiding or deliberate” Ms Napier said.

The club has lost memorabilia, as well as bows and arrows.

“Now the fires been put out, we have realised we don’t have anything left,” she said.

“We have a side extension to the shed where the fire hadn’t reached, so we were able to save our targets, but everything inside the main building is gone.

“I believe it was an attempt to steal, with the bows and arrows you can sell them online or they might have just wanted some fun with them.”

Ms Napier said she was the first on the scene, about 5am and no firefighters had been called.

“I was surprised that no one had called the fire brigade with there being so much smoke, but anyone could be in bed at that time and not notice” she said.

Local residents said they had not heard anything unusual overnight.

The police arson squad is investigating.



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