North Korea has only 28 websites

The world has been given a small glimpse into North Korean life with a configuration mistake revealing its citizens can only view 28 websites.

The North Korean government does not allow its citizens to roam the internet freely, restricting them to sites that have a “.kp” extension.

But, before  Wednesday, it was not known how many sites had been allowed to operate with a .kp extension. That’s when an error allowed international access to the country’s servers, revealing how few sites existed.

While 28 sites would seem too few, the majority of North Koreans aren’t allowed to access the internet anyway.

To put this into perspective, the Australian .au domain has more than three million registered sites and Australians are not restricted from browsing the domains of any other country.

Among the available websites is one run by the Korean Central News Agency, which is filled with information the government wants its people to know and propaganda about its leader Kim Jong Un.


The North Korean national airline Air Koryo has a website, and there is a social media platform called Friend.

Other websites are related to religion, charities for education and the elderly and a website with recipes.

After being accessible for a day, it appears many of the sites have now been taken down or again blocked to users outside North Korea.

A full list of the websites is available at Reddit.