Police seize four kilos of ice

A 23-year-old Perth man and a 27- year-old East Cannington man were arrested on Monday after allegedly being caught in possession of drugs.

About four kilograms of methylamphetamine, better known as the drug ice, was seized.

WA Police launched an investigation into the pair after the East Cannington man boarded a flight from Perth to Sydney on Monday and returned to Perth on another flight later that day.

The men were intercepted at Perth Domestic Airport and a search of the 27-year-old’s luggage revealed four kilograms of methylamphetamine, with a street value of $4 million.

Serious and organised crime division Det-Supt. Dene Leekong said the methylamphetamine equated to 40,000 hits on Perth streets.

“This operation has prevented a damaging quantity of methylamphetamine from hurting our community,” he said.

Further searches of the 27-year-old’s East Cannington property revealed 500g of cocaine, $10,000 cash, $11,000 worth of casino chips, a pistol with ammunition, mobile phones and drug paraphernalia.

Guns and 200g of white powder, believed to be cocaine, were found when properties linked to the 25-year-old in Perth and New South Wales were searched.

A 25-year-old man from the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst was also charged after travelling to Perth on Wednesday.

The three men appeared in the Perth Magistrates Court on Tuesday and were all charged with drug-related offences.

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