Opposition wants police pursuit rules reviewed

Opposition police and road safety spokeswoman Michelle Roberts says the WA Police Union’s push to change pursuit laws are worth investigating.

The union wants officers given the power to ram cars off the road during high speed pursuits, the call coming after an innocent couple was killed by a driver who was allegedly trying to evade police in Warwick.


Ms Roberts said some of union’s suggestions were radical, but worth investigating.

“In 2010, there were just a few hundred pursuits a year, but now there’s in the order of a thousand pursuits a year,” she said.

“The Barnett Government and Liza Harvey have lost control of the community safety agenda.

“Our community is a less safe place now than what it was five or six years ago. They’ve done nothing to deal with the scourge of meth and other drugs in our community.”

Ms Roberts said the proposed use of road blocks seemed like common sense.

“If anything were to be allowed there would need to be very strict rules and they should only be used in exceptional circumstances for the worst criminals in situations,” she said.

But she said some of the union’s ideas were too risky.

“Nowhere in Australia are these so-called PIT maneuvers permitted,  that would be a very radical step for any jurisdiction,” she said.

Acting Police Commissioner Gary Dreibergs rejected the changes, saying they would be “too risky.”



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