Man denied inciting woman’s viral video rant

United Patriots Front president Dennis Huts denies he incited a verbal stoush with a Curtin University student, which he recorded and released on social media yesterday

The video showed Ayan Mohamed yelling and swearing at Mr Huts, who claimed he had an appointment with the university’s student services section.

“I had been on campus for an hour before it happened, having a coffee with a friend,” Mr Huts said.

“I was on my way up to the guild to talk about post-graduate study options when one of them started following me.”

Mr Huts said the incident occurred when he walked between two groups of student Left Action activists, who saw his clothing. He was wearing a shirt which showed his support for anti-Muslim politician Pauline Hanson.

“They know who I am and I know who they are,” Mr Huts said.

“I’ve seen them at rallies before, yelling out that I’m a racist.”

The video showed Ms Mohamed repeatedly yelling at Mr Huts to leave campus.

“Get off this campus you are not welcome here,” she said.

“What, you want to punch me in the face?

“He’s a fascist. All he wants to do is demonise Muslims. Muslims have had enough of it.”

Mr Huts said he remained calm throughout the incident and started filming after being followed through the university.

“I do have a right to be here,” Mr Huts said on the video.

“I have an appointment. Deal with it.”

Mr Huts said he wore the shirt because he supported Ms Hanson.

“If I’d done what they did, I would have been charged with racial vilification by now,” he said.

Mr Huts has generated publicity in the past by orchestrating similar events at other Perth universities, but maintains on this occasion he was “doing nothing wrong.”

Food truck vendors who saw the attack said they saw a man talking on the phone being followed by two young women.

Ms Mohamed’s friend Clare Francis also appeared in the video but refused to comment when contacted by Western Independent.

Ms Francis said she was worried for her friend’s safety.

The university said in a statement it would investigate any incident on its campuses, including yesterday’s exchange between Ms Mohamed and Mr Huts.

Curtin University said support was available to members of the university community who were concerned about the incident.

The video was first published on Facebook but has since been removed.

Ms Mohamed could not be reached for comment.