Perth set for lunar eclipse tonight

Witches, Wiccans and Warlocks should get their crystals out and start preparing to cast some spells because a penumbral lunar eclipse is set to hit Perth’s skies overnight.

The eclipse will take place at 12.54am on Saturday when the moon will move through the indistinct outer part of the Earth’s shadow.

Perth Observatory media and marketing co-ordinator Matthew Woods said the moon was orbiting on a 5 percent incline, meaning it would only be a partial eclipse.

“Whats happening with this one is it’s not a full moon, so its not directly behind the earth,” Mr Woods said.

“Its just off the centre so that’s why we don’t get to see the total eclipse.

“The moon will be in shadow and only about 20 percent of it will receive light from the sun directly.”

The eclipse will peak at 2.54am and finish by 4.53am.

Mr Woods said the moon turned orange during a total eclipse, but this eclipse would only reveal a shadow on the moon.

“If the moon was orbiting around the equator, we’d have a full moon,” he said.

“Because of that 5 per cent incline, the moon can go up and down, but it’s when it’s in that equatorial region that we get solar eclipses.”