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Model Aircraft World Championship comes to an end

The Model Aircraft World Championship finals drew to a close in Perth today after a week of competition.

The WA Model Aircraft Sports Centre in Whiteman Park hosted the event, with participants from 34 countries gathering to compete, spectate and show support.

Australian supporter Terry Dodds said the best part of the championship was the competitive spirit.

“You’ve got people from Belgium, Russians, Ukrainians, Australians and English – we’re all going to war with one another but when we get here we’re all buddies,” Mr Dodds said.

“Nobody’s having a war with anybody, even though in the battlefield we’re all trying to kill each other.”

D96A3656While there weren’t many female competitors, Mr Dodds said the sport did encourage people from all backgrounds to join and compete.

“Female pilots are exceptionally good and if we can get one we keep them, but we’re male chauvinist pigs – it is a male-dominated sport and it is based on the idea of ‘mine is bigger than yours’ and that’s stupid,” he said.

“I’ve had young fellows start at age seven or eight, and probably my best result was a young lad who we picked up at about 14 years of age and he couldn’t read or write and we taught him how to read and write.

“We then taught him all the basics of a model car, which is exactly the same as a full-size car, only smaller and more complex, and he went on to become a motor mechanic and the service manager of the Ford dealership down in Melbourne.”

Australian spectator Hazel Lindsay said the championships should been better-promoted.

“I’m a bit disappointed that its not been very well publicised by the State Government, there’s been nothing on TV and this is a world event,” Mrs Lindsay said.