Prescribed burns covers suburbs in smoke

Suburbs in Perth’s south were covered in smoke this morning because of prescribed burns being carried out by the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

The department’s Swan regional manager Stefen de Haan said the smoke haze may continue to hang over some suburbs for a few days.

“There’s a number of burns that are still going on from the Perth hills and through out the South-West,” Mr de Haan said.

“There may be on going issues with smoke over the next couple of days.”

The department released a statement this morning to warn people in the southern suburbs about the prospect of smoke cover.

“We will be working with the Bureau of Meteorology to determine where there may be any smoke impacts, and if there are likely to be any impacts, we’d be putting out similar smoke alerts,” Mr de Haan said.

The Kwinana Freeway was covered in thick grey smoke and electronic signs advised drivers to turn on their headlights to aid visibility.

Main Roads WA spokesman Dean Roberts said the smoke drifted across Perth because of the easterly winds.

“Motorists are urged to drive more cautiously and drive to the conditions that prevail,” Mr Roberts said.



Mr Roberts said drivers should be cautious when driving through smoke.

The department has also urged asthma sufferers to follow their pre-prepared treatment plans.