Charity says ‘no more donations, please’

The Ruah Centre no longer wants to receive donations of clothing for the homeless at its Northbridge headquarters because it says it simply can’t cope with the amount of clothing it already has.

Ruah Centre administration worker Jackie Hay said the centre was overwhelmed with amount of clothing given to them by the community recently.

“We have a whole store room full of black bags that need to be sorted,” she said.

The non-profit organisation helps more than 500 people every week. The donations are sorted and given directly to those who are sleeping rough or homeless.

Ms Hay said the sorting process took a lot of time because they had to check for any damage before they could pass any clothing to a homeless person.

“We want to provide them [the homeless] with good quality clothes,” she said

On Wednesday, the Perth Registry Week 2016 Report on Homelessness was released, which showed that 219 of the 307 homeless people surveyed had a combination of medical and mental health issues.