Tourism chief backs Perth cable car plan

An $80 million cable car linking Elizabeth Quay to Kings Park could inject more than $30 million into the WA economy and create 340 jobs.

WA Tourism Council chief executive officer Evan Hall said Perth needed a major attraction to bring together the city’s newer developments, including Perth Stadium and the hotels that are planned for Elizabeth Quay.

“A Perth cable car from Elizabeth Quay to Kings Park would increase the appeal of Perth as a destination,” Mr Hall said.

The cable car could carry about 650,000 passengers each year, according to the council.

“What is missing is a signature attraction that will become the must-do experience in the city, and encourage visitors to stay longer and spend more,” Mr Hall said.

“Research shows that visitors to Australian capital cities who use tourist rides and man-made attractions stay longer at their destination.

“This additional expenditure is a conservative estimate, it only takes into consideration of the additional expenditure from visitors extending their stay.

“There would also be further profit from new visitors who would be drawn to Perth by the attraction.”

The feasibility study of the project is yet to be released publicly.

Shadow Tourism Minister Paul Papalia said something had to be done to revitalise Elizabeth Quay.

“$470 million worth of taxpayers’ money and it still needs to be activated. It needs much more than it currently has,” he said.

“At the moment, Elizabeth Quay is a capital city of pop ups. There’s not much there other than temporary stuff, and what they’re trying to do with this proposal is generate visitation for another attraction that will then help to activate Elizabeth Quay.

“Our view is we are interested in any ideas that generate jobs and opportunity and activate Elizabeth Quay and make it work, but these times are tough, austerity is the key word and we don’t want any tax payer money spent on things like this.

“When you get people to WA, you want as many activities for them to engage in as possible. That’s why these sorts of things are important, they generate opportunities and jobs.”

Mr Hall said it was important for the State Government to bring all relevant agencies together to select a route and start the approvals process.