New noise rules for Northbridge

New noise restriction plans for Northbridge were passed at a Perth City Council meeting last night.

The council voted for a raft of measures, including an investigation of “more appropriate” noise restrictions and control of noise levels via planning approvals.

A 21 per cent residential increase in Northbridge has been matched by a 30 per cent increase in noise complaints over the past five years.

Small Bars Association of Western Australia president Tim Brown said yesterday the changes would be beneficial.

“The proposed changes give clarity to all parties on how best to develop and grow together to enhance the district for all stakeholders and visitors to the area,” he said.

Mr Brown said the State Government should handle noise management.

The Small Bars Association of WA and Perth City Council were working closely together on this issue, he said.

Local music video producer Rachel Karotkin said the restrictions could work against the council.

“Interestingly there are a few structures out there that work against these noise restrictions, YARDSTOCK was started in 2012 after the initial noise restriction laws where introduced.

“Organised through a closed Facebook group, the event is run in people’s backyards with local musicians invited to showcase their work,” she said.

Fine Court guitarist Ross Munro said high noise levels were just part and parcel of living in Northbridge.

The new noise management framework is expected to be completed by the middle of next year and applied in 2017-18.