Council to toughen Northbridge noise restrictions

The Perth City Council will this evening meet to discuss tougher noise control measures for Northbridge after recording a 30 per cent increase in noise complaints over the past five years.

James St, Northbridge. Photo: Peter Milne.

James St, Northbridge. Photo: Peter Milne.

Under current noise rules, levels are measured by recording the volume outside the venue.

But the council agenda said the system underestimated the effect of heavy bass sounds and residents wanted a change, although the increase in noise complaints was matched by a 21 per cent increase in Northbridge’s residential population over the same period.

Under consideration are four separate proposals for noise control, each of which involves a different regulatory framework.

The council report said the number of nightclubs in Northbridge had fallen over the past decade, but they had been replaced by bars, which had higher noise levels.

Local hotel, liquor, entertainment, and restaurant representatives will also attend the meeting to discuss their concerns.

The noise management framework is expected to be completed by the middle of next year and rolled out in 2017-18.