Fremantle police investigate tyre slashings

Police have collected video footage from several sources around Fremantle after the tyres of about 100 cars were slashed on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Detective First Class Constable Dan Bordoni said Fremantle Detectives had collected CCTV footage, but could not go into detail about the investigation.

“I wont go into the exact form the investigation is taking, but a review of CCTV that has been obtained is being conducted now,” he said.

Det-Const. Bordoni said the “senseless damage” had no clear motive, and people were understandably upset by the damage caused to their property.

Fremantle residents poured out their experiences, frustration and anger on Facebook yesterday after about 100 residents woke to find their car tyres had been slashed over the weekend.

Det-Const. Bordoni said no further cars were damaged overnight, but others had contacted police to complain about incidents over the weekend.

“Some people have been away on holidays over the weekend, and … reports are coming through,” he said.

There was no shortage of victims or reports, with more than 50 people taking to social media  over the weekend to voice their frustration.

Choben Ray said on Facebook: “At least 70 cars so far… driveways and on street… Attfield street and Chester all the way up to South Fremantle. Please report to police if it happens to you.”

Lynn Marie Daniel said: “Im at York Street and had three slashed tyres on my car. Daughter up the road had her tyres slashed on Friday.”

Some Fremantle residents expressed their concern about a serial slasher being on the loose.

Det-Const. Bordoni said he could not say if police had any leads.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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