Indi Bar up for sale


The Indi Bar at the Indian Ocean Hotel. Photo: Mitch Bennett.

The Indian Ocean Hotel, home of the popular live music venue Indi Bar, has been listed for sale.

Located in Scarborough in Perth’s north, Indi Bar hosts live music five nights a week, and is popular among local residents.

The future of the hotel is uncertain, but concerns have already been raised about the loss of the music venue.

West Australian Music’s chief executive Mike Harris today said: “Were the Indi Bar to close it would be a significant loss for local music and the suburbs.

“The majority of live music is concentrated in the CBD/Northbridge and Fremantle areas, but the Indi Bar has been a longstanding bastion of live original music in Scarborough since anyone can remember.

“Western Australia has one of the country’s most important and vibrant music scenes and the Indi Bar has contributed strongly to this. Its loss would be felt deeply by both musicians and music lovers.

The sale follows the death of the majority shareholder of the family-owned establishment, which has not been on the market for 30 years.

Stirling City Council could not comment on the development, as the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority has control of the planning for the precinct.

Indian Ocean Hotel general manager Andrew Grove was unavailable for comment.

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