Missing Pilbara fisherman found

A deaf man who went missing in the Pilbara on Wednesday afternoon has been found alive but dehydrated.

A land and air search was initiated early this morning after South Hedland Officers failed to locate him on Wednesday night.

The 34-year-old man walked back to the car alone after fishing with friends on the western side of the mouth of the De Grey River. He was later reported missing.

As the man was deaf, police officers were concerned he would not be able to hear searchers calling him.

WA Police media spokesperson Adam Brouwer said about 20 people were involved in the search near the mouth of the De Grey River, 120km north of South Hedland.

He said difficulties in the search included rising tides and crocodiles.

Mr Brouwer said fresh footprints led searchers and local indigenous trackers to the missing man. He was found about midday.

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