Unwelcome birthday present


The damaged house. Photo: Mikaela Knight

Tuart Hill resident Sarah Woodward had a birthday surprise just after midnight last night when she woke to the sound of a car crashing into her Moldavia Street home.

A male driver was pulling out from the apartment building opposite when the electrical system in his Holden Commodore failed causing the steering wheel to lock and the brakes to stop working.

Ms Woodward, who today celebrated her 28th birthday, said her partner Richard Rowe initially thought the  sound of the car hitting the house, metres from their bedroom, was a bomb going off.

“I don’t think I have ever seen Richard so on edge,” she said.  “It was so intense. You just keep replaying it over and over again in your head.”

No-one was injured but Ms Woodward said it was a close escape for the driver because a long metal beam was dangling from the house directly over the driver’s seat.

Neighbour Duncan Whittington arrived home at 1am to find police and paramedics gathered at the scene.

“It makes you think ‘you never know what can happen’,” said.

Police said no charges were to be laid and that there would be an investigation into why the car’s electrical system failed.

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