Teen cops to crime spree


A Perth teenager has confessed to a drunken crime-spree he went on with two friends that resulted in break-ins, thefts and the vandalism of a school in Glen Forrest in March this year.

The teenage culprit, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said the crime spree started when the three stole wine from one of the boy’s parents.

“We basically drank the bottles and started walking around doing cars, like looking for wallets or anything we could find,” the 15 year old said.

He said all three 15 year-old boys were under the influence of cannabis and alcohol on the night of March 22 when they broke into the Indian Village restaurant, the Glen Forrest Medical Centre and a local fish and chip shop in search of prescription drugs, alcohol and money.

The medical clinic was targeted for its codeine-based medicine, and as the night progressed, the three stole four cans of spray paint from a property’s shed and vandalised Glen Forrest primary school.

All three were arrested the following day.

“I actually woke up in handcuffs, the first words I heard were, ‘You’re under arrest for the suspicion of burglary’,” the Glen Forrest teenager said.

He was later released on bail from the Mundaring police station.

This was not the first time the teenager has had contact with the legal system, having previously been charged with possession of a smoking implement.

Indian Village manager Rakesh Kowammal said the restaurant had numerous attempted break-ins over the one year it has been open.

This particular incident involved the three boys kicking in the door before stealing alcohol and $130 from the restaurant’s till.

“They took some money and 10 bottles of beer,” Mr Kowammal said.

Having pleaded guilty, the teenager was given a four-month youth community based order as per the Young Offenders Act 1994. He was also ordered to undergo weekly drug counseling and must report to a juvenile justice officer once a week.

He has since completed his mandatory counseling and is no longer subject to his court ordered sanctions.



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