Praise for the patty


After a morning Instagram check it had come to our attention International Burger Day was upon us.

Being the burger lovers we are, we set off around town to get the low-down on all things burger related.

Speaking to some of Perth’s burger-elite, we uncovered the uniting power of burgers, and how they’re bringing us closer to our roots in more ways than one.

Manager of Missy Moos burger bar at Mt Hawthorn, Aditya Rachman, says it’s important to deliver farm-to-table produce to his customers.

“It’s all about the freshest ingredients to make our customers happy and coming back for more,” he says.

“We’re expecting more than a hundred people to turn out today.”

Local burger joints say quality is the key when feeding the masses of Perth.

Founder of Jus Burgers, and overall Burg godfather, Justin Bell, just happened to be in Perth celebrating the day with the Leederville Jus crew.

“We’re glad to be doing what we do on days like today,” Mr Bell says.

“Who doesn’t love a burger?,” he tells us, while rushing around his intimate kitchen.

“We pride ourselves on giving customers the highest quality possible, celebrating the veggies and local ingredients.”

Roy Paxton is the curator of the Perth Burger Club Instagram and website. Not only is he the one who brought IBD to our attention, he was also excited to chat to us all about things burger.

“The aim of our Instagram is to make every day burger day,” Mr Paxton says.

“By allowing people to submit their reviews to us, it’s only boosting people’s knowledge of what’s available to them in the ways of burgers.

“It’s no longer left to chains like Maccas to rule the burger kingdom, it’s all about getting out there and supporting local businesses.”

Varsity Burger’s front man Ryan Williams is a self-professed burger enthusiast.

Early this afternoon from his Northbridge burgoreum he’s all geared up for IBD and can’t wait to share the burger love around.

“If people leave Perth saying they haven’t eaten a decent burger, it makes my heart break,” he says.

“The thing I love about burgers is they can be enjoyed in alone time, or as a group activity.

“We have so many people, from families to late night partiers looking for a good feed.

“I’m glad we’re bringing people together with our meaty goodness.”

On the flipside, Jimmy Louie from the University of Sydney isn’t convinced burgers are your saving grace for the waistline.

“Burgers tend to be quite high in fat,” Dr Louie said.

“It depends on the patty and whether or not it has sauces and cheese.

“As a dietician I think it’s okay to have as a treat once in a while, so one day a year to celebrate is fun.”

There you have it, make the most of it today.

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