Scarborough pharmacy hit in ram raid


A woman has been left shaken after her car was stolen and used to ram raid a Scarborough business early this morning.

Thieves broke into Scarborough resident Julie Meikle’s home and fled with her handbag and car keys about 3.50am.

Her Toyota Yaris was used to destroy the front entrance of the Post Office Pharmacy, on the corner of Gildercliffe Street and Scarborough Beach Road, moments later.

“I was woken by the police telling me that my car had been stolen and possibly used in a ram raid,” she said.

“They broke into my home, got my keys, roared down here, reversed into the shop front and screamed off up the road and dumped the car about half a kilometre away.

“I’m terrified, worried and shaken. I just feel like vomiting and I want the offenders to get a job and earn an honest living.”


The Post Office Pharmacy has since reopened without a proper front entrance, though some windows were replaced before midday.

Garry Lyon, owner of neighbouring business Blazing Saddles Bike Shop, said he saw the shop entrance had been damaged when he rode his bike past the scene early this morning.

“I asked the police officers nearby what was going on and they weren’t aware.” he said.

Ms Meikle said the thieves were probably trying to steal drugs from the pharmacy.

“I’d say they were going to the chemist to get drugs to cook amphetamines,” she said.

Police said the back end of her car had been smashed in, but the car was not a write-off. The car was dumped nearby.

Ms Meikle said she would upgrade her home security system as soon as possible.

Mr Lyon said his shop had been targeted several times in the past.

“I’ve been here for 22 years and I’ve been broken into at least 11 or 12 times.” he said

The pharmacy’s owner refused to comment about the incident.

Joe McManaman, who lives across the road from the pharmacy, said the sound of the collision had woken him from his sleep.

“People are nuts and they don’t get long enough in jail, if you don’t mind me saying,” Mr McManaman said.

Police refused to release any information about the incident. They said their inquiries were continuing.


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