WA Fashion Awards tonight


Three of Western Australia’s top designers are in the running for the prestigious City of Perth Designer of the Year award, which will be presented at the WA Fashion Awards tonight.

Along with Alvin Fernandez, of Ae’lkemi, and Daniel Romanin and Nicolina Ergic, of One Fell Swoop, Fremantle-based designer Shelly Tindale is nominated for the award after having been nominated for the emerging designer award just two years ago.

Tindale said it was an honour be nominated.

“It means a lot because it shows industry are liking what I’m doing,” Ms Tindale said.

“Each collection and each year I try and push myself to be innovative and explore new ideas so it’s nice to know it’s been well received.”


The awards, which will be presented at the Heath Ledger State Theatre, are organised by the Style Circle group, which is made up of WA fashion industry figures.

Tindale said she did not like to create pieces that were overly masculine or overly feminine.

“Always in the back of my head are questions like, ‘is this something new for the market’ and, ‘will ladies want to wear this’?

“I feel like each collection is a body of work that captures my stories, thoughts, moods and feelings.”

Perth fashion blogger and stylist Claire Mueller said Tindale’s label, TINDALE, was one of the most exciting in WA.

“Shelly’s aesthetic is strong and refined, capturing the attention of women who are confident in their style and appreciate masterful drapery and beautiful fabrics,” Mueller said.

“I’m not at all surprised she was nominated as Designer of the Year, though, saying that, she’s got stiff competition as Alvin (Ae’lkemi) and Dan and Nic (One Fell Swoop) are both excellent in their fields.”