Cottesloe crash kills motorcyclist


A 41-year-old motorcyclist died yesterday after a head-on crash in Cottesloe on Saturday afternoon, bringing WA’s 2014 death toll for motorcyclists to 25.

A police spokesperson said the man was riding his Kawasaki motorcycle south on Marine Parade when he collided with a station wagon at the intersection of Sydney Street at 4.40pm.

The man was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital where he died because of his injuries.

Bike crash

Statistics from the Western Australian Office of Road Safety showed 91 per cent of riders involved in fatal or serious injury crashes were male, and 76 per cent were aged 25 or more.

Retired senior fireman Ian Ross said the accidents he saw during his career would deter anyone from riding a motorcycle.

“Motorcyclists have much less protection than drivers in cars, and helmets and jackets do little to protect them when they are flung from the bike at high speed,” he said.

“It’s not easy for emergency personnel to deal with the aftermath and see the carnage.”

Mr Ross said speed, alcohol and the inexperience of the rider were frequent causes of motorcycle accidents in Western Australia.

Harley Davidson owner and rider Dylan Norris said he loved the freedom of the open road, the ease of parking and the economic advantages motorcycles provided. He said he was well aware of the dangers involved.

“I’m confident in my own ability, but it is the things you can’t control, like other road users, that worries me,” he said.

While a spokesperson from the WA Road Safety Council said their website had plenty of useful information for motorcyclists, Mr Norris said more “driver education” was needed to make roads safe.

Mr Ross said drivers needed to be more “aware” of their surroundings.

“Police, fire and emergency services see far too many deaths and the recent death in Cottesloe is a tragic reminder of the dangers these riders face,” he said.

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