Perth opens doors to Topshop


World-renowned fashion store Topshop opened its doors this morning to hundreds of happy shoppers for the launch of its first Perth store.

Located in Carillon City in the Perth CBD, the shop stretches 102 metres from the Murray Street to Hay Street malls, featuring two floors of high-end fashion.

Topshop Chief Executive Officer Sonia Bettega said the company’s focus was on “fast fashion”.

“I think the brand is all about providing up-to-date fashion,” Ms Bettega said.

“I don’t think there is anything like that in Perth at the moment.”

The Perth store has joined three in Melbourne, one in Sydney and one in Brisbane to become the sixth store in Australia.

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There was no holding back by many shoppers who had been waiting years for Perth to have its first Topshop.

Ebony Rossi and Claudia Dattilo from Dianella said they could not be happier on the launch of the new store.

“We have been to the Melbourne and Singapore stores,” Ms Dattilo said.

“This is bigger and better – it’s the first two-storey one [in Australia].

“We’ll definitely be in here often, especially with Zara next door.”

Ms Bettega said she was not worried about any competition from fashion store, Zara, which opened next door on the October 10.

“I think it’s about creating a retail precinct,” she said.

“So the more retailers that come into a precinct the more you are going to get the community around it.

“Zara and Topshop are two very different businesses.

“I think it’s complementary and we’re excited about the revitalisation of Perth as a city in terms of the retail precinct.”

Employee at the newly opened store, Hayley Knowles, said the atmosphere there was full of excitement not only from keen shoppers, but the staff members as well.

“Being behind the scenes and being a part of it is so exciting,” she said.

“I think Topshop is going to be the new Perth trend setter.”

Mandurah couple James Kriel and Tahnee McCausland drove an hour to be some of the first shoppers to set foot in the store.

“I’ve shopped from Topshop online but with shipping it’s too hard to send things back,” Ms McCausland said.

Ms Bettega said there was potential for another Topshop for Western Australia in the future, but for now the team would enjoy the launch of the first store.




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