Smartphone app for WA tenants


A new smartphone application released today will allow West Australian tenants to manage their tenancy from the palm of their hand.

iRentWA is a free app developed by the WA Department of Commerce and has been designed to provide users with tenancy management tools and information about rental rights and responsibilities.

WA Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said the technology would allow users to keep track of payment deadlines, appointments and proper notice periods.

“The app not only informs users of their rights, but helps them to keep good habits as well,” he said.

“The app will set reminders for paying rent, routine inspections and giving proper notice before moving out.

“Whether you want to quickly find out about rent increases, getting your bond back or what to do with a breach notice, the app provides simple advice about it all.”

iRentWA also allows users to save photos of property condition reports, rental receipts and items requiring maintenance or repair.

Abel McGrath Leederville principal Steven Voros said the app help everyone involved in the rental process, including real estate agents, landlords and tenants.

“It’s useful from our side of things because it reminds [tenants] to pay what’s required,” he said.

The app was designed to provide tenants and landlords with information about WA residential tenancy laws.

Tenancy WA spokesman Shane Hewerdine said the app would not help in all situations.

“An app can only go so far,” he said.

“It cannot cover every foreseeable problem a tenant might face.

“While the app may give general advice around issues, merits of a tenant’s particular situation may require further elaboration.”

iRentWA can be downloaded free at Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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