UWA students unhappy about fee spike


The UWA Student Guild has hit back at the university’s plan to charge up to 30 per cent more in fees if the Federal Government’s higher education reform package is passed.

Guild president Thomas Henderson said the decision to raise fees was made by the UWA executive. They had ignored the students, he said.

“The majority of students are dumbfounded by what can be considered a doubling of fees from their current levels,” he said.

“While current students are not affected due to grandfathering agreements, they are still concerned for those students’ siblings that will have an increased burden to gaining a tertiary education.

“The UWA Student Guild supports the flat fee across each of the five degrees we have at UWA as we believe it matches very well with the education ethos set out in the ‘New Courses’ structure.”

Mr Henderson said student involvement in the university committee structure had previously been “very well ingrained”.

If the reform package is passed, UWA will charge $16,000 per year for full-time, Commonwealth-supported students in any of their five undergraduate courses. This means students will pay about $48,000 for each degree.

Commonwealth-supported students currently pay between $6,000 and $10,000 per year to study at UWA.

Mr Henderson said the new fees were too high.

“We do not think that $16,000 per year is a reasonable amount for students to access education at one of Australia’s premier universities,” he said.

The university is the first to announce how much it plans to charge under the new fee structure.