Storm ravages Perth hills

Bayley Howe and Abbey Tobin

Western Power has received 1300 calls to its emergency line after wind gusts of up to 102km/h hit Perth last night, leaving 10,000 homes without power.

Roof collapses after 102km/h winds

Part of Madison Snow’s collapsed fence

Dozens of properties were damaged during the storm, though those hardest hit were in the Perth hills.

Volunteers and Western Power employees worked through the night to deal with calls involving minor damage to property and power outages.

Western Power spokesman Simon Bailey said the utility was working quickly to repair the damage. No safety incidents had been reported.

“Parts of the Lesmurdie area have sustained a lot of damage to the network area, which we are currently fixing,” Mr Bailey said.

More than 2300 homes were still without power at 1pm.

Heathridge resident Madison Snow said the 30m fence on her property had been thrown across the garden during the storm.

“I couldn’t sleep at all last night and when I woke up this morning it was like a mini tornado had hit my garden,” she said.

Bureau of Meteorology WA media and communications manager Neil Bennett said a severe weather warning had been issued. He also warned Perth could be in for more bad weather this afternoon, but said the bureau was unable to predict whether it would as severe as last night’s storm.

“From 4pm we have expected another cold front to move up causing conditions to deteriorate this afternoon,” Mr Bennett said.

Rain is forecast for the next few days, but is expected to clear early next week.

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