Perth warned to brace for more storms


Fresh severe weather warnings have been issued for Perth this afternoon, with winds of more than 100km/h expected to hit the metropolitan area about 4pm.

WA region spokesman Neil Bennett said last night’s storm, during which winds reached 102hm/h at Ocean Reef and 98km/h at Rottnest, may have weakened some structures. Loose material had also been left lying around and shoule be secured, he said.

“It looks as if it’s going to be fairly similar this evening to the conditions that we got last night so we’re expecting another cold front to move up, likely to get into the Perth area in the southern suburbs around four o’clock this afternoon. It’ll be right across the metropolitan area by around about five and potentially some gusts up to about 100kmph again over night tonight,” he said.

“The Department of Fire and Emergency Services has advised people to secure any loose items and do a quick tidy up around their homes.”

Mr Bennett said it would be difficult for some residents to prepare their homes because they would be at work.

The weather warning extends from Lancelin to Lake King to Israelite Bay, including Perth, Mandurah, Narrogin, Katanning, Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Bridgetown, Albany and Esperance.

A Sheep Weather alert has alslo been issued by the bureau for farmers in the south of WA.

Esperance sheep farmer Mareeka Coward said she had moved her sheep to higher ground where they would be able to shelter from the wind behind  trees.





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