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June 1, 2013

With double demerits in place this long weekend, there are more alternatives to drink driving than ever before.

Western Australia’s only designated driver service is one option that helps people who have drunk too much to drive.

The service, Perth Designated Drivers, picks patrons and their cars up after a boozy night out.

PDD owner, Lewis Cann, said the concept was new to WA.

“In other states throughout Australia … these services are well-known, while Perth is just catching on,” he said.

“It works because our customers can go out with their own car and not have to worry about leaving it somewhere and picking it up in the morning.

“It’s important to have an alternative because no matter how much money you have, with taxis you are at a disadvantage straight away if not at a popular location.”

Mr Cann is looking to expand his company throughout WA.

Thomas Davies, who chairs a non-profit organisation called Enough is Enough, which focuses on creating awareness of drink driving, said designated driver services are beneficial.

Lewis Cann, owner of Perth Designated Drivers.

PDD competes with emerging transport service Uber where regular drivers are commissioned to pick passengers up for a fee.

Uber is a smart phone app that has just launched in Perth after its success in the eastern states.

Promotional sign to encourage safe driving, Victoria Park.

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