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Winter arrives, we depart


Despite the mercury sitting rather low today, and residents gearing up to head north, Perth is in for a warmer winter starting tomorrow.

Weatherzone meteorologist Rob Sharpe said Perth would experience a warmer winter than average this year.

Adam Murray in Forrest Place

“Approximately, we’re looking at a 19 degrees maximum and an eight degree minimum,” Mr Sharpe said.

He said the average maximum would be three degrees higher than last year, and the minimum five degrees higher.

“The main reason for this is that much of the nation is warmer this season,” he said.

In Forrest Place today, lawyer Adam Murray said being from the east coast he did not realise how cold Perth got.

Tina and Matthew Pickford in Forrest Place

“I assumed Perth was always bright and sunny,” Mr Murray said.

“I didn’t realise it got overcast like this.

“I guess if you were a local you would go somewhere warmer.”

And that’s precisely what people do, according to Murdoch University tourism and infrastructure academic Jim Macbeth.

Associate Professor Macbeth said that during winter people tended to get out of Perth, most heading north.

“Searching for the sun is a northern exodus,” he said.

“The bug hits people the moment they arrive in Perth – urban people just need to get out of the city.”

Shauna Morris and her family in Hay Street Mall

According to Tourism WA, 85 and 67 per cent of people respectively who travel to the Coral Coast and Northwest region are from Western Australia.

Speech pathologist Tina Pickford said usually she and her husband Matthew travel elsewhere during winter.

“In previous years we’ve gone to Bali, Malaysia or Kalbarri,” Ms Pickford said.

“Four out of six years we’ve left for somewhere warmer.”

Mr Sharpe said that the Kimberley was the warmest part of WA during winter.

“Broome will see a maximum average of 29 degrees, whilst the average minimum is 15 degrees,” he said.

Warming up with coffee

“The north of Western Australia does not have four seasons.

“It only has the wet and dry seasons with little variation between temperatures in these seasons.

“Come tomorrow, the dry season begins.”

At Hay Street mall today, stay-at-home mother Shauna Morris of Rockingham said Perth was as cold as she thought it would be.

“I actually expected it to be raining, so we’ve been fairly happy with the weather,” she said.

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