Hipsters parodied


Graduates of the WA Screen Arts Academy at Edith Cowan University have attempted to categorise hipsters in a two-minute YouTube video.

Mt Lawley hipster serves coffee

The ironic short film portrays the stereotypical image of hipsters and brands the culture as conventional rather than individual.

The term hipster originated in the 1950s and was used to describe social outcasts.

Over the last decade, the term has taken on a new meaning and is now used to define the prominent subculture of new age hippies.

Writer and co-star of the video Jesse Laurie came up with the idea watching a similar US parody and wanted to create a humorous music video relevant to Perth.

“I was shown a ‘College Humour’ video to a Nickleback song so I decided to recreate it with my own interpretation and style,” Laurie said.

“We thought hipsters would be a good idea to use as they are an emerging culture in Perth.

“The video [pictured below] is just having a poke around and a laugh at hipsters.

“It’s nothing too sinister.”

Before recording the video Laurie never considered himself a hipster but is now warming to the idea.

“It’s funny because I wasn’t a hipster before appearing in the video, but I got a hipster haircut for the video and I’ve had it ever since,” Laurie said.

The Flying Scotsman, hipster hotspot

Following the video’s release on May 7 it has received encouraging feedback, even from people who classify themselves as hipsters.

“So far all the feedback has been positive and people have interpreted the humour as we intended,” Laurie said.

“It’s just a lighthearted way to point fun at hipsters without insulting them too much.”

General Manager of The Flying Scotsman hotel Ross Thompson says he embraces the hipster culture although it has not always been popular.

“There is a negative connotation associated with the word hipster, but I love it,” Mr Thompson said.

“We have beards, listen to non-mainstream music like country instead.”

Mt Lawley local Gerard McDonnell

Mr Thompson said the style had become so prevalent over the recent years it could now be considered a popular trend rather than a minority fad.

“The term is so broad now, it’s almost meaningless,” Mr Thompson said.

“Everywhere you go now, it’s the same looking people doing the same things.

“Hipsters have become more of the mainstream than a subculture.”

Mt Lawley is a known hipster hotspot in Perth and is home to many hipsters who embrace their culture.

“This area is filled with musicians and artists and a lot of businesses around here accommodate for that,” Mr Thompson said.

“My definition of hipster is people who don’t mind living with 50 bucks in their wallet as long as they’re doing something they love.

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